Samuels: I’m comin’ for you, Pedro
Lt. gov hopeful targets Espada
Espada Is Samuels’ 1st Target

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Samuels Announces Disgraced Senator Pedro Espada, Jr. as First Target of Independent Expenditure Campaign

Bill Samuels, Democratic Candidate for State Senate President and Lieutenant Governor, today announced that disgraced State Senator Pedro Espada will be the first incumbent targeted for defeat by the New Roosevelt Initiative’s Independent Expenditure campaign. The New Roosevelt Initiative is a multi-year effort to elect “New Roosevelts” to the State Legislature – individuals who will go to Albany with a clear agenda of cleaning up the mess created by decades of dysfunction and corruption.

“Pedro Espada represents all that is wrong with state government today,” explained Samuels. “He’s a wealthy guy from one of the wealthiest parts of Westchester who lines his pockets with taxpayer money yet fails to address the real needs of his district – in which he doesn’t even live.”

“The people of the 33rd Senatorial District face real challenges getting affordable housing, access to health care and decent schools,” Samuels continued, “but they have a State Senator who takes money intended for health care and uses it to hire family members and cronies instead; who ignores tenants and sides with landlords; and who turns his back on Democratic values so he can cozy up to his rich Republican friends in the State Senate.”

“There are members of the state Senate from both parties who want to fix Albany and restore dignity and integrity to the Legislature,” Samuels said. “While Pedro Espada may be the rottenest apple in the basket, there are also bad apples on both sides of the aisle that need to be thrown out of office.”

“When I am elected State Senate President and Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to raise money for the New Roosevelt Initiative to oust these bad apples from the legislature and push for real reforms so that our State Legislature can be the best in the nation,” declared Samuels.

The New Roosevelt Initiative has committed a minimum of $250,000 to a campaign to vote Pedro Espada out of office, developing smart field operations and providing independent support for Espada’s opponent in the Democratic Primary.

“No one is more of an embarrassment to New York State than Pedro Espada,” said Samuels. “His repeated violations of campaign finance law; the convictions from his campaign workers stealing from AIDS patients to prop up his campaign; his leadership in the shameful coup that sought to restore Republicans to the power they abused for decades; and the most recent revelation that he plundered his health care network for millions of dollars – it’s a record of shame that needs to end now.”

“This year, which is a year of change, will see cynical, corrupt Senators like Pedro Espada voted out and decent people of integrity voted in, “Samuels stated. “Pedro Espada is our first target, and in September, he’ll be the first to go. But in the coming months, we will target more bad incumbents, we will elect more good challengers and we will make our state great again.”

To volunteer or contribute to the New Roosevelt Initiative go to www.NewRooseveltInitiative.com.

Facts on “Teflon Pol” Espada and the Five Pillars of Reform

Campaign Finance Reform

  1. Failed to file 41 campaign reports with New York State Board of Elections since 2002.
  2. Fined more than $60,000 by New York City Campaign Finance Board.
  3. Six employees of Sound View, a non-profit health clinic run by Espada, convicted of using taxpayers funds to aid Espada campaigns.

Ethics Reform

  1. Sought more than $2 million in Member Item Funding for two non-profits linked to Soundview, both created only days prior to application, with one Chaired by one of the Senator’s own staff members.
  2. “Soundview itself has elements of a cult of personality. Mr. Espada’s name and picture are prominently displayed everywhere.”New York Times, 2002

Center, in honor of the chairman of the board of trustees and his wife, whose unrestricted $200 million gift is the largest in the Center’s history.


Free Campaign Advertising for perennial candidate Pedro Espada as Soundview uses taxpayer funding to service over 100,000 a year.

Fiscal Reform

  1. Charged with siphoning more than $14 million from Soundview health clinic for personal and political benefit by the New York State Attorney General.
  2. Cost New York State thousands of jobs and $125 to $150 million by launching Senate coup that halted routine tax collections and debt offerings, according to the Governor.

Legislative Rules Reform

  1. Flipped his allegiance from the Democrats to Republicans, becoming the Senate’s Temporary President at the expense of the Democratic majority and bringing the New York State Senate to a halt until he flipped back, some 31 days later.
  2. Used Chairmanship of Housing Committee to block landmark housing legislation in the New York State Senate.
  3. Failed to open District Office to serve community at 400 E. Fordham Rd. New York Daily News, 2009

Espada requested close to $100,000 for rent – more than twice the amount allotted to other Senators from New York City.

Upon questioning, the building manager for 400 East Fordham Road, the alleged location of District Office, had never met, spoken to, or let alone heard of Senator Pedro Espada.

Redistricting Reform

  1. Failed to Sponsor any bills on Independent Redistricting.
  2. Resides outside the Senate District for the Bronx in a white picket fenced Mamaroneck home on tree lined block in Westchester County.

115 Beechwood Drive, Mamaroneck, New York

325 East 201 Street, Bronx, New York